Video Same Day Edit | Film Edited in the Same Day

Do you want to delight and give your guests a unique experience?
So, the Same Day Edit Wedding Film service (Video Edited on the actual day of the Wedding) is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

The Video Same Day Edit has the particularity of causing reactions and emotions in a short time to the couple, guests, family and friends. Between smiles, laughter, tears, hugs and caresses, has the great goal of unite all those who are in the party.

Usually, the Video Same Day Edit, has the duration of a song (at the choice of the couple), and is edited in a very dynamic and deconstructed way, compiling all the main moments of the Wedding Day in a short video.

It is a surprise to all who attend, without exception, because they see, watch and share unique moments in which they were not present (like the bride and groom preparations, or like the vows and knot) as if they were in the first row.

Normally, the video is projected in the end of the Wedding day eg after the meal or, it may precede an important moment, such as cutting the cake.