Photo Booth | Video Booth | Photo Machine

Remember when you took pass-through stripe photos on automatic machines?

The Top Photo Booth that we provide, is a fun, modern and portable system to allow guests themselves to make fun group pictures.

Photobooth is activated by a button that, when pressed, automatically takes a photo without the presence of the photographer; a few seconds later, a professional print is available.

The Laranja Metade Photo Machine system includes:
> 1 professional camera;
> 1 interactive touch computer;
> Option to take a photo or record a video message;
> Possibility to choose different effects before giving the print order;
> Possibility to send the photo to the email or share in the social networks;
> 1 tripod / umbrella with flash;
> 1 professional printer (photos can be personalized with event name and date);
> 1 modern structure that supports all listed equipment;
> Props (various accessories such as glasses, wigs, slates, mustaches, pens, etc.);
> 4h or 8h of services, depending on the modality desired

Advantages of our Photo Booth system:
> Photobooth is the perfect animation for any type of social or festive event;
> Intuitive and fun, it has a membership of almost 100%, and of all age groups;
> Guests can play individually or in group, with a simple click;
> We offer masks, wigs and various accessories to make the delight of the guests;
> Professional prints in the moment;
> Personalization of the photos (name and date of the event);
> In the end, customers have access to all the high resolution digital photos format;
> It is an open system, so it offers all the necessary space, freedom and creativity to delight all the guests